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Due to the rarity of the condition and little incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop treatment options for rare conditions like GABRA1--families are often left to raise funds to support research efforts. These families who receive rare diagnoses are told that there are no treatment options available, usually no research communities established and are often left with no direction.

Families seek out parent support groups like our community for GABRA1 and other GABA-A mutations looking for answers.

That's why Scarlett's GABRA1 Village has partnered with the Rare Village Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization to sponsor a fund dedicated to our cause. They provide a platform for rare families to connect, collaborate and generate the change needed for their children. 

Every dollar raised goes directly to GABRA-1 research and supports the journey towards a cure! Please consider helping our cause and making a tax-deductible contribution. 

Become a part of our Village!

Keep scrolling to learn more ways you can help our cause.

Get Involved: Get Involved

Get Involved

There are many ways to support our cause and we value every single effort made on behalf of our community.

Here are a few ways you can support our Village!


Make a direct donation, gift, or reoccurring donation here


Plan a Fundraiser! These can be anything from a small gathering to a large event (i.e., gala, golf tournament, silent auction, pub crawl, walk-a-thon).

Use Your Voice

Spread the Word! Give Scarlett's GABRA1 Village a shoutout to your personal and professional networks. Call on your friends and family to help spread the word and see who can help. Share posts on all your social media accounts. Awareness is progress.


Do you have useful skills like grant writing, proposal making, running fundraisers, social media marketing and any other skills and are interested in becoming a Scarlett's GABRA1 Village volunteer? Reach out!

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